Viewpoint for Projects


Mail Manager supports the filing and searching of messages in Viewpoint for Projects by discovering the projects you have access to, avoiding the need to manually add locations.


Note: This option is only available for subscription licence users.





·    Enable discovery of filing locations by navigating to Viewpoint for Projects via User Preferences

·    Valid user sign-in credentials e.g. email address etc.



·    Viewpoint for Projects filing locations will appear under a collection called: 'Viewpoint for Projects'

·    Locations are discovered soon after starting Outlook and then once an hour




How to add Viewpoint locations automatically

1.    From the Mail Manager ribbon or toolbar select Tools > User preferences...

2.    Select Viewpoint for Projects and enable the options as shown below:

3.    If required change the folder name to be discovered

4.    Select OK

5.    After a short while you will be prompted to enter your Viewpoint for Projects credentials to allow Mail Manager to search for your filing locations

6.    The projects you have access to will be available to file to after a few minutes

7.    Up to 30 minutes later you will be able to start searching items that have been filed into your filing locations